In the department of microbiology our Testing laboratory offers performance of microbiological tests of solid materials (sludge, sand, soil, waste, biowaste, substrates), water (ground water, drinking water, surface water, waste water, raw water, etc.), water extracts, water deposits and technical gases. 

The tests are performed in the fields of:

  • Environment protection
  • Waste management
  • Water management
  • Foodstuffs, feedstuffs, articles of current use
  • application of biotechnologies
  • quality testing of bio-enzyme products
  • purity of technical gases

The tests are performed in accordance with requirements of following Czech legislation:

  • Decree No. 257/2009  Coll.   on the usage of sediments on the field
  • Decree No.341/2008  Coll.    on details of biologically decomposable wastes management
  • Decree No. 252/2004  Coll.   on hygienic requirements for drinking water and hot water and the frequency and scope of drinking water
  • Decree No. 238/2011  Coll.   on hygienic requirements for profiles of surface waters used for bathing, saunas and sand in an outdoor sandboxes

Sample quantity:

  1. Soil, sludge, biowaste, waste and similar matrixes– approx. 200 g wet weight of sample in glass or plastic container or bag and deliver the sample to the laboratory as quickly as possible (within 24 h).
  2. Water – all water samples should be taken in sterile sampling containers, which our laboratory can provide upon request. 250 mL of water sample is usually enough.  Refrigerate the sample at (5 ± 3) °C and deliver it to the laboratory as quickly as possible (within 24 h).
  3. Other samples – it is suitable to consult sample quantity with the laboratory staff.

For more information contact us at: laborator@abitec.cz


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